Next Generation Autonomous and Hyper Deflationary Coin


4 % of TEND Coins Allocated in Uniswap Pool are drained daily 



51% of drained TEND are burned daily


48% of drained TEND are distributed to top 50 holders every 3 days

Our TEND smart contract can be audited here:




TEND Features:

  • Hyper deflation:  4 % of all TEND present in pool are drained daily.
  • Anyone can make the call to drain the pool. Caller gets 1% of drained tokens.
  • Drained tokens are then dispatched in two parts.
  • In the first part, 51% of drained tokens are burned, forever.
  • Remaining allocation, 48%, is reserved for our TENDIES REWARDS BUCKET.
  • Rewards are then distributed to top holders every 3 days. Users will have to call the distribution function in our gaming portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Hyper Deflation?

Hyperdeflation is an extremely large and relatively quick level of deflation in an economic module.

How Does this work

Our smart contract includes a function which sends 4 % of pooled tokens to two different addresses, a burning address, and our TENDIES BUCKET rewards pool. Anyone can make the call to drain the pool, and get rewarded 1% of tokens.

What is a Burning Mechanism

51% of TEND pulled out of Uniswap pool are sent to the famous and well known Ethereum burning address.

What happens to the other half not burned

The other 48% of tokens will be sent to a smart contract BUCKET pool. This pool will be emptied every x days, and TEND will be distributed to top TENDIES holders.

How many Top Holders will be eligible for more TENDIES?

Only top holders will qualify for these bonuses. Exact number is yet to be shared.

Team wallets designed for promotions and future development will be blacklisted, ensuring that only top contributors will be getting them.

Who owns the funds?

NO ONE. With the launch of Uniswap V2, fund are not accessible by any team member. The smart contract ensures no one can control any TENDIES. Initial liquidity pool will be provided 100% from Presale funds.

Why not pool 100% of TENDIES from the start

Most TENDIES will be pooled to provide liquidity. However, a certain % of total supply will be kept for advertising campaign, upcoming Rewards Dapp, and team tokens.


This is a social experiment, and as with all cryptocurrency investments, risk is always present and should be accounted for before acquiring TEND.